The New Face of American Evangicalism

     I have watched the church in America change for the better over the past few years, finally beginning to turn its attention to those outside the church, and leaving behind the us vs. them mentality towards the un-churched. If you do not think the church is changing for good reason then consider this video (below) from ABC news about the new and younger Evangelical Church in America.

     These are smart Christians who know how to speak intelligently about the church. One of the best moments was when one of the representatives on the panel cited Jesus speaking to the Pharisee's about what the Pharisee's thought was important and what was not.

      See if you can isolate the mission in this interview. I believe it is ours as well. The future of the church will be strong when it promotes justice, mercy, and evangelism more than it ever has before.
      This would be a great forum of discussion for us to enter into with each other. How do you and I carry out the true mission of Jesus in our world today? I am so excited to see young Christians pointed in this direction. Evangelicals should be interested in the pure Gospel and not the side traps of the church of yesterday that continues to snipe away at the present efforts of the church of the future.
      "Old-time religion", where our Christianity is shown to others by what we do, where we live, what type of music we like, or how we vote every two years is no longer attractive to the world, or the Church at large for that matter. We should not be distracted by those who want what the Church was, and who complain about what we are not doing like yesteryear, or the sentiments of yesterday's worship services and bless me attitudes. We should be more concerned with the thousands of un-churched who must hear the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
      One of the panelists in the video says, "I'm excited when the church shows up living as tenants of mercy and justice, and is daring and courageous, not just sitting around talking about it." I am confident that the the Church in the future will see its members living, worship, and believing in this way, that ultimately the world needs to hear the gospel of Jesus from us above all else.

Jim LetiziaComment