The Kingdom: Where and When

     Jesus presents the Kingdom of God as a present reality and as a yet-to-be fully revealed reality. The Kingdom is always present, but the full reality of the Kingdom is yet to be manifested. This is presented to us from Luke 17:20-37, where Jesus is asked by the Pharisees, "When will the Kingdom come?" As Jesus expounds, the Kingdom does not come with observation, or will they say, "See here! or See there!" for indeed the Kingdom of God is within you. The Kingdom is present as an inner reality, something hidden in people's hearts. The Kingdom of God is not a place where you can go.  Either you live in it or you don't.  The Kingdom is a colony in the midst of a secular world where we can demonstrate an alternative lifestyle.

     Have you ever wondered how faith has changed your moral ability to do right? This is a Kingdom principle. Have you ever wondered how doing what is right, enjoying a new peace in your life, and experiencing a sense of joy that strengthens you as you venture through this life, is common behavior for a believer of Christ? This is a Kingdom principle. The Kingdom of God is in, around, and through us on a continual basis, and is the force that drives a faithful servant of the Lord. The Kingdom of God is now, and it will be forever more.

Jim LetiziaComment