The Departure

     The significance of Jesus' ministry is revealed in a majestic way at the Mountain of Transfiguration. This presents another turning point for the disciples in their quest to understand who Jesus is and what He came to do. Five phrases are mentioned in the text of the synoptic Gospels to describe the Transfiguration: The Kingdom of God, a high mountain, Jesus transfigured, Elijah and Moses, and a voice speaking out of the cloud. Such a vivid experience is most assuredly a wake-up call for the disciples.
    However, Peter adds the human element to this experience when he completely misunderstands what Jesus is about to do in His journey to Jerusalem. We all have at times experienced this human element of wanting to enjoy today without looking to the future. This is understandable, yet not what Jesus had in mind in presenting the disciples with the experience of His Transfiguration. Jesus was showing them that He must suffer many things, be rejected by the religious leaders, abandoned by His disciples and delivered up to the cross that will ultimately bring ransom for all of us to enjoy our eternal home with God.
     Do you find it difficult to look beyond the now and see what God has planned for your life? If so, then you are not alone. The Kingdom of God is present both now and for the future according to Mark 9:1. Jesus continues to encourage us to look to the Kingdom that is coming and meditate on these things. This can be difficult for many who are thinking that their Christianity can make them better people, thus the reason for their faith. This may be true in part, but it is not the essence of what Jesus wanted for us regarding the Kingdom of God. 

      Do you consider yourself more spiritual than religious? I think we're moving in the right direction when we believe so.  Knowing the difference between spirituality and religion can be difficult among Christians. Spirituality is for those seeking understanding where religion is for those seeking reward. The disciples were clearly thinking about religious opportunity and not spiritual understanding. In our journey to Jerusalem let's see if Jesus can teach us which is best.

Jim LetiziaComment