Spiritual Adultery

     To have a strong knowledge of God is an attribute of the Christian faith. In every case of Old Testament prophecy, the emphasis is on the relationship that Israel had with God. However, there was an obvious omission of commitment and promise by the people of Israel in keeping God in the forefront of their minds. This is an underlying theme in the books of the prophets where the people violated the terms of the covenant that God had sent them. In the book of Hosea, there is a striking example of a prophetic lawsuit against Israel, where God charged them with apostasy and idolatry. The Lord brought a charge against the inhabitants of the land because there was no truth, there was no mercy, and the knowledge of God was lacking in the land. The consequences for rejecting the knowledge of God became evident when God spoke out against their profanity, lying, killing and stealing. They had committed spiritual adultery and refused to repent. There was a constant erosion of self worth, and now there is a striking resemblance occurring in today's world in which we live. God presents a seemingly unreasonable request when He tells the prophet Hosea to once again love a woman who was loved by another lover, and is committing adultery, just like the love of the Lord for the children of Israel who looked to other gods and loved the culture of the pagans more than the community of faith. 

     Do you find yourself engaging in so much of the world that the community of faith seems no more than an occasional gathering when convenient and your schedule is free? This is a tough question and a seemingly unfair question in today's world; however, it is the same question God is asking today as He was then.  “O Ephraim, what shall I do to you? O Judah, what shall I do to you? For your faithfulness is like a morning cloud and like the early dew it goes away.... for I desire mercy and not sacrifice, and the knowledge of God more than offerings” (Hosea 6:4–6).   Let's examine ourselves to see that the knowledge of God is a high priority in our lives. "Come and let us return unto the Lord" (Hosea 6:1).

Jim LetiziaComment