Reading Plans

     Our reading through the New Testament as a church family is over. And those of you who finished, congratulations! If you've fallen behind, keep reading and don't give up. Continue reading the Word of God and make it a priority in your life. If you have not started yet... start.

     Now that you have completed such an intense spiritual fitness program, let's continue the momentum that you all have created. We have designed three additional reading plans for you to continue studying God's word.  At your OWN PACE, read about the vision and life of Daniel, read through Proverbs, or study the life and teachings of Jesus. But whatever you do, don't miss the opportunity to build on the foundation that you worked so hard to create.

      Our new plan will be available in the church lobby, and available for download from this site in the coming days. Enjoy the reading!

Jim LetiziaComment