Questions (New Sermon Series)

     We're launching into a new sermon series at NCC that I'm calling, Questions: Paul's Letter to the Corinthians. The Apostle Paul begins by responding to questions that members of the church in Corinth asked him in a previous letter. Many of the questions centered around the behavior and attitudes seen in the church in Corinth. We've organized the weekly sermons around these questions that address the concerns Paul has for the church.

     We see many of the same issues today in the Church, though on a broader scale than in the first century. However, the issue facing the Church today is whether or not the gospel of Christ is at the center of each Christian's life. Our hope is not just in our hearing the gospel, but that the gospel is changing our lives in order to see the benefits of living the life of a follower of Christ. Without our lives being changed by the gospel, we shouldn't then expect to see moral or ethical change occur. The Gospel is not a system of philosophy or logic, but a statement of God's revelation in Christ.

     Paul is reminding us that his message is centered in Jesus Christ, the crucified Christ, and not Jesus the great ethical teacher or moral example. This was a contradiction in terms for the Jews, and mere folly to the Greeks. The gospel's most powerful argument is not in great sermons preached, but in changed lives.

     The best definition of the gospel is this: The wisdom of God is seen in the revelation of Christ, and that Christ has died, Christ has risen, and Christ will come again.

We hope you'll join us throughout the Fall as we tackle these questions together. Blessings!

Pastor Jim

Jim LetiziaComment