Our Vision of Ministry

     I invite all of those who are interested to look over our new website and get familiar with the ministry opportunities and information about New Covenant. Our vision is simple but relevant to the world in which we live. What we believe about God and Jesus is there in the vision for you to read as it relates to your thoughts and understanding of scripture and how they are relevant to your life today.
     I recently heard a person say he was not sure about Christianity because so many participants seem to live one way inside the church, and another way outside the church. Our vision challenges us to see the life we live in the world around us just as important as the life we live together here at New Covenant.
     The beauty of our faith is recognizing the righteousness of Christ as He has made us see Him, with a view into the world that He would want us to see: The need for us to listen to each others struggles and to share hope and understanding even when life is hard to deal with. 
     I invite you to sign up for our weekly newsletter that is free and informative about life in our church and the community around us. Enjoy the website!

Jim LetiziaComment