Love Without Masks

     In this final message of our series Love Suffers Long, we bring this one last thought. The apostle Paul tells us that love must be without hypocrisy.  From the time of the Renaissance, we have been enamored with theater and the arts.  The role of the actor is to play the part where one masks their real identity to play the part of another. In our current society it has become commonplace for us to mask our own identities with fake smiles and plastic personalities, so as to win over the approval of others.  We are to love with sincerity and hate what is evil. To master these virtues, our love must suffer long in situations and circumstances that do not warrant our joy and approval, especially when the behaviors of others seems unacceptable.

     Do you find it difficult to love truthfully and without the mask?  Is it hard to love the unlovable, where only God is given the right to avenge our hurts and disappointments?  If so, then removing the mask of our insincerity is the first step to trulykowing what it means to love without hypocrisy.

Jim LetiziaComment