Love, Light, and Wisdom

     In our series, “Walk the Talk”, we are looking into the ways in which the Scripture encourages us to walk the talk that is becoming of our faith. Ephesians is the centerpiece of our study today and carries the momentum for daily living. We're encouraged to understand that we have been made alive, once being dead in sins but now we are sons of God, which carries a completely different understanding of how God sees us in the world. The scripture tells us that, "once we walked in darkness," which is evidenced by disobedience, lust of the flesh and fulfilling desires of the mind, all having a negative affect on us.  We are also encouraged that as God's workmanship we have been created to do good works because of our faith, and for those reasons we should walk in them.

     I have always wondered what it means to walk worthy of the calling with which I was called. According to Ephesians 4, we are to do so with lowliness and gentleness, bearing with one another in love. In other words, we need to walk in love. Secondly, we are told that we should walk in the light. For once we were darkness, but now we are light in the Lord. I equate this to one who is honest and forthright about speaking truth, and "coming clean" if you will, with our feelings and  problems that occur. Thirdly, we are to walk in wisdom, making decisions that make sense and are wise, so that our future is not wasted and squandered by missed opportunities because of being self centered or pride or greediness.     Do you walk in love? Do you walk in the light? Do you walk in wisdom? If at any time one or more of these values are out of accord, we may want to revisit our motives for what we do and work towards as we strive to  "Walk the Talk."

Jim LetiziaComment