Love in Spite of Rebellion

     The return of Israel to the Lord is a theme in the book of Hosea. God pleads with His people to return to Him and refers to Israel as a child. "When Israel was a child I loved him and out of Egypt I called my son." God will often take us back to our roots when He is trying to get our attention to not forsake Him. God will never forsake us and will never cause us to go back to the old nature. However, God will turn us over to our own desires which will put us in the hands of evil kings and rulers. When we refuse to repent God will take drastic action to drive us back to Him. Our lives must have a sense of passion and longing for the things of God which, in turn, will bring us God's mercy and justice as we wait continually for God to act in our lives.

      Do you often find yourself straying or backsliding from the things of God in such a manner that it is difficult for you to find your way back? God always encourages us to return to Him and observe His mercy and His justice. God is always patient and merciful to us; therefore, do not be afraid to return to Him. We wait on you Lord - continually we wait for You.

Jim LetiziaComment