Life, Faith, Action!

Faith is demonstrated each and every day in the lives of those who believe God exists, and is rewarded to those who diligently seek Him. The subject of faith has been taught thousands of times to congregations of all ages and spiritual persuasions. Do we really know any more about faith and how it is demonstrated in the life of a believer? I'm not convinced we do.

     Studying for this series I asked God to open a clear and precise understanding of the meaning of faith, and I have once again realized that faith is not something of this world, but the invisible world. You may say, "Of course," but have you ever looked deeply into the supernatural arena?

      Andrew Murray defined the path that leads to God's this way, "Faith is a spiritual sense or organ through which the soul comes in contact with and is affected by the spiritual world". Faith is also an empty vessel that must be filled with unseen contents, in which eternal realities are revealed in us and demonstrate their power in our lives. Faith then can become the assurance of things we hope for, and the platform in our soul which becomes the proof of the things we cannot see.

     The invisible world overtakes the soul and awakens faith. In other words, faith is the spiritual connection we have with the unseen world around us. Just as in breathing air, or seeing with our eyes, faith is the reaching outward, or heavenward, to things unseen. In the life of the believer faith must be as natural as breathing air in our everyday doing of ordinary work. This challenges us, and if you are still reading this, you realize the depth that we must go to try and live a life filled with faith and action.

     I hope you will find encouragement and meaning from this series. Join us on Sunday mornings at 10am for worship. The series will also be available for download on our web site.

Jim LetiziaComment