Job's Patience During Adversity

     There are times in our lives that we feel we must wrestle with God. Reasons amount to occasions when we find ourselves frustrated because answers have not been forthright. We feel brave and at times become very hostile towards God, suggesting that we can say or do what we want to get our way. Job was such a man who became bewildered because God was not answering. Job was saying, "Why have you not answered me? I do not even know where you are!"

     Coming to terms with God can be a real challenge. Here is where trusting God when He seems inaccessible is so valuable to us.  However, God knows the way that I take and He knows how to test us in this. A healthy understanding of God's faithfulness can bring us great satisfaction. He will not depart from us and He will not leave us. He does whatever pleases Him, and whatever circumstances are necessary for us to succeed in our walk with Him is His goal for us. Trusting God's faithfulness is a key as we continue to journey with God in spiritual places.

      Do you question God's ability? Do you know where God is in your life? Do you trust that God knows what is best for you? These questions are common to the believer, and we continue to struggle with God yet we are blessed by Him. Job struggled like this, yet he was a man blameless and righteous before God. Oh, to be like Job!  Just kidding, Lord, because I am too afraid of what it may cost me to get there. Help!

Jim LetiziaComment