Jesus Revealed

     With Easter on the horizon we've begun a new series of sermons entitled "Jesus Revealed". Along the way we'll travel with Jesus and his followers and see how he reveals himself to the world. Those who take hold and believe the words of Jesus Christ cannot help but be drawn to Him. He turns our lives up side down with His insight and wisdom, models for us what a relationship with others should look like, and what a right relationship with Him should be as well. 

      A journey through the life of Christ must make clear what Jesus said and did, and be grounded in who he is-  God the Son, the Savior of the world. I hope you find these messages convicting as well as compelling, drawing you ever closer to Him.  If your life has not been radically changed by knowing Jesus of Nazareth, then I encourage you to experience the true sense of salvation and let Him draw you into His words and ministry. You can follow along with all the messages here on the website, or join us for worship, Sunday mornings at 10:00am!

Jim LetiziaComment