Identity Crisis

     One of the greatest problems for the Christian community in today's world is to suffer from an identity crisis. To do so reflects upon the attitude of the believer that suggests they are no different than anyone else in the world. However, in Christ we are born again, saved by grace through faith, and are to live our lives expecting the eternal realm to be our resting place. This is the gospel of Jesus Christ, yet few live to its potential.

     In order for us to understand who we are, we must think like God thinks. We must see ourselves as He sees us and fix our minds on Him. Renewing our perspective is the goal. Also, we must let go of old patterns. We will never live our lives in an effective way if we hold on to our old baggage, our old citizenship. We must die to the past.

     Finally, remembering our purpose is important in order for us to not lose sight of why God left us on the earth. Our goal is to participate in God's plan of redemption for us by telling others of His grace, and to continually focus on our identity. "God raised us up in Christ Jesus and set us in heavenly places with Christ" (Eph. 2:6).

Jim LetiziaComment