Hallelujah! The Lord Omnipotent Reigns

     Christmas is a time to reflect the supernatural realm of God:  angels proclaiming to shepherds the glory of God because the fullness of time had come.  Jesus was born to rescue us from our fate of fallenness.  All of these statements reflect the supremacy of Christ in a God who stepped off His throne to show us His glory in the person of Jesus Christ.  As Christians we have access to an unseen realm of GodHe wants to be seen and discussed by those who will seek after Him.  The angels were telling the shepherds something that only the humble and the meek could see.  The Kingdom of God is at hand.  The angels proclaimed peace and goodwill to those who call Him Lord.  The lessons that God has for us here is that we need peace.  To make peace, we need first to make pace with God, to make peace with each other, and finally, to have inner peace within ourselves.  The questions that begs to be asked is how do I obtain this peace in my life.  Jesus came and said, "Peace I give not as the world gives, but my peace I give to you.  Therefore, do not be afraid or troubled" (paraphrased).

     Do you find yourself struggling with fear and the lack of patience in your life?  If so, trust God more, and cast your cares upon Him.  It is possible that God will take all of your worry and cares, if you trust Him.  Concentrate on Him, and the unseen realm of His glory, like the shepherds did, and He will not disappoint you.

Jim LetiziaComment