Gaining Credibility to Talk

     Soon after Pentecost, the Christian movement picked up momentum. Two of the disciples, Peter and John, encountered a laymen on their way to the Temple. When the man received healing because of the name of Jesus, the disciples immediately gained credibility to share the Gospel. In other words, they "walked the talk," and an audience took notice of them when they talked. They faithfully did what they knew to do, to proceed to the Temple each day for prayer. However, on their way, they stopped because of the beggar man in their path. They could have passed him by, but their sensitivity to his need compelled them to stop. They had the courage to face this situation, not knowing exactly how God would use this moment. They gained credibility through the demonstration of God's power when this man was healed, not only because of the words that they spoke. 

     The Church today faces the same challenge:  That we might gain credibility in our community by our actions and our words, that others might be drawn to the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We learn to "walk the talk." This will be our greatest attribute and tool, to gain credibility among those to whom the Gospel currently is unimportant. As we learn to model the disciples, faithfully standing on the faith we have, being sensitive to the needs of others, and having the courage to face the challenge that is before us, people will take notice and be drawn to what we have. The attraction that others have to our message will compel those whom God has called to take notice as we “Walk the Talk”.  to our message will compel those whom God has called to take notice as we “Walk the Talk”.

Jim LetiziaComment