Four Pillars of a Man's Heart

     In the book, Four Pillars of a Man's Heart, Stu Weber introduces us to biblical concepts of manhood. Let me put these concepts into my own words. In the heart of every man is laid four foundational pillars that if mastered will bring him great reward. God has created us in His image to conform us to the likeness of His Son Jesus, who emulated all of these foundational pillars:  The King, a man of vision and character; the Warrior, a man of strength and power; the Mentor, a man of faith and wisdom; and the Friend, a man of heart and love.  These pillars represent the kind of man God shows us in His Word. It is upon these pillars that a family and a culture are supported in order to succeed and to enjoy genuine happiness. You cannot support a roof or structure with one or two pillars. Three pillars might hold up the structure for a while, but the structure is out of balance and always in danger of collapse. It takes four pillars to support a strong structure.  So too, it takes the four pillars of a man's heart to ensure peace and pleasure within a family.

     For every man who humbles himself before God and asked that these virtues be prominent in his life, God will direct his path. May we be aware that this is the way to bring piece in our lives and true happiness to those within our reach.

Jim LetiziaComment