Endurring the Struggle

     When the Holy Spirit indwells the believer, that believer is part of God's family, and an heir of the promises given him by God's covenant to Abraham. The Holy Spirit "present in us" has also assigned to us in the final day the promise that God will proclaim the believer righteous because of faith in Jesus Christ, and Christ alone. The essence of Paul's message was to challenge the agitators in Galatia who wanted to circumcise the Galileans in order to add further meaning to their salvation.  The Church in the past has had to stand against apostasy, which from time to time pops its head up to confound and harass the Church. Paul said, β€œWalk in the Spirit and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh, for the flesh lusts against the spirit and the spirit against the flesh."  There is a constant battle within us, and we would do well to be cautious as to how we walk. 

     Do you sense a struggle at times in your life when God challenges you to balance your involvement with the world?  We are encouraged to endure the struggle and walk, not as one conceited, provoking one another or envying one another, but filled with the Fruit of the Spirit.

Jim LetiziaComment