Empowerd for Ministry

     We are constantly challenged to see the difference between dark and light, hot and cold, right and wrong. In the context of walking in the Spirit of Christ the correlation between dark and light is emphasized. The apostle Paul tells us that we were once darkness but now we are light in the Lord. In this series "The King and You," our challenge is to know where God is working and walk alongside Him, that we might become productive as Christians. We are encouraged to be filled with the Holy Spirit that the will of God might be accomplished. When we recognize that this infilling of the Holy Spirit is not optional but commanded to us, we recognize that being filled with the Holy Spirit is part of the normal Christian life. What is normal? That is a very good question!
     Do you struggle with normal Christian living?  Or even what is meant by normal Christian living?  Being filled with the Spirit of Christ should not be foreign to normal Christian living, on the contrary being filled with the Spirit IS normal Christian living. I would challenge you to study our text today, Ephesians 5:8–21, to see how well your life lives up to the imperative that God gives to us, "Be filled with the Spirit of Christ."

     Are these principles evident in your everyday walk through life? Perhaps a new awareness of what God means when He says, “Be filled with the Spirit”, Is necessary. Coming back to the basics may seem redundant, but only when we have accomplished and fully understood what the basics of Christian living are all about. Being filled with the Holy Spirit should not be new to us either, but practiced and demonstrated each and every day of our lives.

Jim LetiziaComment