Elijah's Translation

     The story of Elijah is an intriguing one in biblical history. Only Elijah and Enoch are privileged not to die, but to be taken directly up into heaven. The story also gives us an imagery of God's eternal proclamation that we will go to a resting place when this work is done. Elijah's translation to heaven early in his life may indicate that God had, as CS Lewis wrote, "the business of heaven," for Elijah to attend to. Elisha's request for a double portion is evidence that in the heart of man there is the desire to go further into the things of God. The double portion is granted to Elisha, and greater things will be accomplished through his ministry. Interestingly enough, we see the re-appearance of Elijah with Moses and Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration prior to the crucifixion of Christ. They spoke of the death and departure of Jesus indicating once again the important mission that is being prepared in heaven for the coming of the Messiah. It was by His death that glory would come to sinners and the return of the Messiah would occur. Do you have an eternal hope for your future, one that is exciting to ponder, like an expectation to become involved in "greater things than eye has ever seen or ear has ever heard." 

Bring us a double portion, oh God, of vision and hope for the glorious future that awaits us all.

Jim LetiziaComment