In our time of reflection during this Easter season, many visual thoughts of the scriptures have given us a dramatic look into the heart of the Christian Faith. The progression of Holy week is a look into the last days and words of Jesus, beginning with the triumphal entry of Palm Sunday. On Monday, his anger at the money changers is a reminder of God's constant observation of our souls. He is never so far away as to let us run into temptation without warning us of our ways. Tuesday, Jesus cursing of the fig tree tells us that appearance without reality never brings favor with God. Tempers run high when life closes in hard and we lose our sense of purpose. The raising of Lazarus gave impetus for the religious leaders to accuse Jesus of blasphemy as he was heard saying that He was the Son of God. The accolades are soon gone however, and in a borrowed room on that Thursday night, Jesus confronts all of us with the truth about communion with God and each other.

     A daunting prayer in the garden suggests more than a crucifixion to come, but a total separation from the love of God. All will die the first death, as in Adam all die, but Jesus has taken away the second death, the spiritual death that would condemn us all if He had not gone through with the Fathers will. With his blood spilled on Friday we are left in the hollow of the ninth hour of the day to ponder the truth of such an event as this. The Roman centurion frozen in time at the foot of the cross sees into the depths of his soul as he speaks the words, "truly this was the Son of God".

     But hope is never lost, for Jesus himself said he would fulfill all scripture and with His blood redeem us from our aching hearts. Jesus is never very far from us, He is as close as you will allow Him to be. With a shout of angelic hosts proclaiming,"He is Risen, He is Risen indeed." All who call on the name of the Lord will be saved. Enjoy His victory, for it has become your victory as well.

Happy Easter everyone. 

Pastor Jim

Jim LetiziaComment