Connecting With Those Who Don't Know Jesus

     As people who have received the unearned privilege of salvation, until the day we die, we will be surrounded by those who have not yet been granted that privilege, many who have rejected Jesus because He has been misrepresented.  There's an arrogance associated with judgment, legalism and hypocrisy that the unbeliever instinctively knows cannot be from God.

     Love, kindness, mercy and understanding are the true by-products of a genuine walk with God.  We can mask inner judgmental attitudes with Christian sounding words and outward actions, but God sees through all that and those who don't know Him, feel all that.  No matter how far away from God "we feel" a person is, God still passionately loves that person and any of us don't even realize that "we" are the ones being judged in the equation.  How we extend grace to others is proportionate to our understanding of the grace that has been extended to us.

     Are you genuinely overflowing with happiness and joy today?  In Luke 4:18, at the early stage of His ministry, Jesus selected a prophetic passage that announced the sublime object of His entire mission, perfectly representing the harmony of Father, Son and the Holy Spirit for the task at hand.

- Ken Veltz

Jim LetiziaComment