Confronting Unforgiveness

     Matthew 18 is a very sensitive subject to most people who relate forgiveness with confrontation. Jesus makes it clear that when a brother sins against another there must be reconciliation, but it involves keeping public awareness of the sin to a minimum. In a society where verbal communication is so outspoken, it is difficult to expect the procedure of Matthew 18 to be followed correctly. The three principles found in Matthew 18, according to Jesus, can open or close doors which lead to freedom. Those who know God's forgiveness operate on the principle of mercy. Heartfelt understanding of forgiveness comes when we show mercy instead of wanting justice. The parable of the unforgiving servant demonstrates that an unforgiving heart is an unforgiven heart, and is subject to torment. Let us be free of our differences that we might live free from the bondage that unforgiveness brings.

Do you find yourself struggling to forgive, or do you run quickly to be freed from the chains of unforgiveness? Let us examine the Scriptures today to see how Jesus would handle such a difficult subject.

Jim LetiziaComment