Challenge Points

     Every Church wants to see its membership assimilate into the ministries that are offered. Assimilation is the key to discipleship and strong relationships within the community of Faith. Here are a three challenge points for everyone to consider in order to enfold into the body of Christ.

     "There are three keys to assimilation and enfolding new believers and members into a local Church. First they must be hearing something from God's word that is challenging and changing their lives from the teaching ministries of the church.

     Second, they must have a place and ministry in the church that matches their personal calling and passion. Every ministry in the church should have some low-level entry points into their ministry where new members can try out their gifts and feel out their ministry desires.

     Third, new members must develop at least three new meaningful relationships within the first six months of their involvement in the body life of the church."

                                                   Harry L. Reeder III, Pastor,
                                                              Briarwood Presbyterian Church, Birmingham AL

Jim LetiziaComment