Ascention of Christ

     Today we celebrate the ascension of Jesus to heaven where Christ is seated at the right hand of God the Father. The ascension marks the final act of the God-Man to accomplish redemption for mankind. There are several points of significance in the ascension of Christ.      First, Jesus completes His mission as Savior of the world whereby repentant sinners may find harmony and a future in an eternal existence with God. Secondly, we are told by the angels who were present at the ascension of Christ, that Jesus will return in the same way that they saw Him ascend -- a literal and physical return of Christ to the earth. Thirdly, Jesus will now send the Holy Spirit to abide with those who call Him Lord. The ascension of Jesus has completed us as believers to full ministers of the gospel, that with power and conviction in the Holy Spirit, we become Christ's ambassadors of peace.     Do you see yourself as a strategic and privileged vessel of hope for those who are hurting and lost? The ascension of Christ assures us that we are now able to go into the world and make disciples as Jesus commanded us to do. Your loving smile, touch, and encouragement to others is now an essential personal lifestyle that will bring the presence of Christ to the lives of those whom you touch. Jesus in you, as a result of Christ in us. Think about how special God has made you for His very purpose. To reach the lost for Christ. Now go out and love somebody for the sake of Christ.

Jim LetiziaComment