Advent II

     This now is the second week of Advent, that is, the coming and preparing for our Lord.  The emphasis in week two is on Bethlehem, a little town of obscurity, humility and lowliness.  Despite the turmoil of the world around us, both globally and in our personal lives, there is a Prince of Peace who has come and is coming again, who has allowed for you to be raised under the wing of His loving care, even in the midst of difficult times.  There are three core values that Bethlehem teaches us to master as we progress through our lives: He came in humility, He rules with compassion, and He remains with us in love.

     How do these three core values make a difference in your life?  Humility, compassion and love.  As we seek God’s will, these three values must be in place.  Do you find yourself missing the mark in one or all of these three areas?  Let’s continue to practice them, and when you hear the word ‘Bethlehem’, let it remind us to press on to the great prize of eternal fellowship with God that lies ahead for those of the faith.

Jim LetiziaComment