Advent I

     The advent season begins with the prophetic cup of the Old Testament prophets, that someone would come to put an end to the division between God and man. The advent of Christ showed God's mercy and grace toward men in a tangible and visible way. We hold to a tradition called the advent of Christ, in the Latin for Adventus, which is the presence of God and secondly from the Greek, the Parousia , which is the birth of the son of God. In the first advent we see that Jesus comes to earth, and the second advent, where Jesus will return to the earth at the terrible day of the Lord. The message is hope where there is no hope as Abraham hoped when there was no hope. Nothing can change your spiritual destiny as God is always in control of your life.

     Do you have hope even when there seems to be no hope, or do you abandon all understanding of Hope in crisis situations? Sometimes the prophetic word given by the prophets for us to practice is to "let go and let God". Let's see if God will not enlighten you this season by building a bridge to hope for your situation when you don't see how it would ever be possible.

Jim LetiziaComment