A Pure Heart

     Today we embark on a new series dealing with forgiveness and restoration. A famous place of Scripture is Matthew 18. Some people relate to this text very well, where the mention of this chapter triggers its message. For those of you who are new to this text, this may be the very time for you to experience God's love and acceptance as never before. We will take the next few weeks to discern Jesus' message to His disciples and to those listening. In essence, Matthew 18 is the chapter regarding confrontation, reconciliation, and forgiveness.
     Have you ever struggled with a relationship where restitution seems impossible? Jesus gives instruction as to the importance of what He calls, “one of his little ones.” Once we realize who we are to be in Christ, and how we are to be perceived by others, can we then learn the art of forgiveness and restoration? Let's review the characters involved and see why Jesus makes this place in Scripture one of the most important discoveries of our Christian walk.

Jim LetiziaComment