A Father's Love

     Being a new grandfather has given me an expanded perspective on the depth of love a father has for his children. A sense of authority, responsibility, and commitment becomes easier to attach oneself to because of those you have helped to bring into this world. Every parent would say that their child is the greatest of all. Of course, this is true for all. It gives us a sense of how God loves us since He created us and established us for His glory. As we grow in faith we come to understand the power, majesty and wonder of love - the love of a father for a son or daughter. Our heavenly Father has a most wonderful love for us that is exemplified in the readings of Scripture today.

      Do we really know how much God loves us, that the very essence of loving someone is given by God as only God can extend to us? To say "God is love" is a correct statement. To say "God loves me" is an even more spectacular thought. A father's love runs deep. Our heavenly Father's love for us is incomprehensible and eternal. Praise God for His never-ending, uncompromising, eternal love for us.

Happy Father's Day, Father.

Jim LetiziaComment